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5 AC Components You Need To Keep Cool In Your Car

Driving along in your car on a hot humid day there is perhaps nothing more enjoyable than experiencing the refreshing, cool and crisp feel of your automobile's air conditioning. With that said, there are several key components of any auto air conditioning system that...

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What Is Electronic Brakeforce Distribution?

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution or EBD is a simple concept to grasp in that it is a method of distributing the braking forces of a vehicle as a function of each individual wheel's load. In other words, heavier loads will generally require greater braking force...

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How Do The Brakes On My Car Work?

Of all the safety components found in a car today one of the most important systems with regard to safety is perhaps a car's brakes. Car owners should understand how their brakes work and how to spot a problem when one arises. While a car's braking system may seem...

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The Proper Way to Repair a Punctured Tire

Most drivers will have to deal with the problem of a tire puncture at some point in their vehicle's life. When a puncture occurs, the vehicle has to be taken off the road and the flat tire replaced with a functional spare tire, allowing the puncture to be repaired so...

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How Do Shocks and Struts Work?

The majority of cars have a suspension system that consists of three main components, anti-sway bars, coil springs and either struts or shocks. The coil springs are designed to support a large portion of the cars weight; the anti-sway bars are what connect the left...

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How to Detect a Coolant Leak

Detecting coolant leaks helps you diagnose and prevent problems before they start. Checking for leaks and knowing what type of leak you're dealing with can help you diagnose and troubleshoot issues before they become major problems. Diagnosing a leak before important...

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These guys do great work. They have been doing my maintenance and odds and ends on my families sub since we moved to Knightdale 2 years ago. Thank you all at Poole’s garage!

Jeff D

Quality work, reasonable prices, great people with the knowledge that you can trust to get the job done right and they stand behind their work,

Kyle T

Poole Garage has always been reliable and trustworthy when it comes to car inspections. They provide great customer service. You can tell by the way they communicate with you that they really care about the customers. They are the best!

Lisa B

I am so grateful for the honest and kind service that I get from the staff at Poole’s garage. I have been coming here since 2008.

Terri W

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